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Obagi Nu derm Review Update

Obagi Nu Derm Review

If you guys read my earlier review on the Obagi Nu Derm Set (3 weeks). All I did say that I wasn’t happy then, good thing I continued using Obagi because I am now a believer. It has been like 2 months since the last post on using the Obagi Nuderm and I did a video review on my 8th week of using the Obagi Nuderm products and so far I’m loving OBAGI.

Look at how it transformed my face from dull to clear skin. After 2 months and a half

Obagi Nu Derm Review After 8 Weeks

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Obagi Nu Derm Before and After

Before Using Obagi Nu Derm (Left) and 8 weeks after (Right)

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Obagi Nu Derm Before and After 2

Before Using Obagi Nu Derm (Left) and 8 weeks after (Right)


Obagi Nu Derm made my skin soft, radiant-looking and rosy skin. And I noticed that my freckles seemed to have lightened. As you can see, I already have rosy cheeks but my face looks so dry and tired. But with Obagi, my face is so moist even though I’m using peeling products (The Blender plus Tretinoin and Clear). A lot of people compliments my skin too.
After 8 weeks of using Obagi Nu Derm I am surprised that I still have 2/3 of the products left. In my case I just need 2 set each year to maintain the magic that it did to my skin.


As I have always said it is better to invest in skin care than on makeup. If you have the leeway to invest for your skin then I would definitely advice you guys to try out Obagi.


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